Five Minutes with ACHE - August 16, 2022

Five Minutes with ACHE,
August 16, 2022 - Volume 1
Tina Marie Coolidge, EdD
Associate Director, Goodwin Programs
President, Association for Continuing Higher Education
Alex Read, Vice Chair - 2022 ACHE Conference
Senior Program Strategist
College of Continuing Education, Sacramento State
Conference Information You Need to Know
  • The ACHE National Conference and Meeting is open for registration. Act now because the early bird rate has expired and the regular rate will expire at the end of August. You can register here.  
  • This year’s conference is offering a feature that is new to the ACHE conference format. We will be offering ACHE conference certification tracks. Below are the two certification tracks ACHE is offering. You can add the certification track to your conference enrollment when you are registering. Here is more information about the tracks.
The Two Conference Certification Tracks:
  • Inclusive Leadership: The Competitive Edge in Diversity, Inclusion, and Belongingness.
  • The Value of Differences: From Tractional to Transformational Leadership
The conference breakout sessions are being finalized. Stay tuned to learn more about the 50 breakout sessions ACHE will be offering in New Orleans.
The annual conference is seeking nominations for our annual awards please review these awards and nominate a colleague, and let’s recognize the hard work of our members. You can find more information about the awards here.
The ACHE team is looking forward to seeing everyone in New Orleans. This will be an ACHE conference people will be raving about for years to come. Geaux ACHE!
Upcoming Events
Hotel Cut-off is 9/22/22
Certification Tracks
The ACHE 2022 annual Conference is right around the corner!
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Don't Delay! Award Nominations Closes
August 31, 2022
Dr. Tina Marie Coolidge, ACHE President
Can you share how and why did you become a member of ACHE?
When I was working on the thesis for my first graduate degree, my thesis advisor, Dr. Fred Loomis, introduced me to Dr. Tish Szymurski. I connected with Tish to partner with the institution she served as Dean to collect data for my research. At the time I had never heard of ACHE and Tish was currently serving as ACHE President. It really was serendipitous that we connected at that time. Tish’s mentorship and leadership was a crucial component that framed my career and research focus. She afforded me an opportunity to present my research at the ACHE national conference and that was my first introduction to ACHE. At the conference, which, by the way was my first academic conference ever, Tish immediately brought me “into the fold” and introduced me to so many amazing members of ACHE. Many of those individuals are my closest colleagues, friends and are like family.
At the conference, Tish invited me to the conference planning meeting and Dr. Brian VanHorn, whom I never met before, invited me to sit next to him. I immediately knew during that meeting that ACHE was a new welcome home for me. I was surrounded by so many people that are just as passionate about continuing education as I was and continue to be.
Tell us the story of your leadership path from a member to serving on the Board of Directors.
As soon as I became a member, I immediately was invited to serve on the national conference planning committee. Being on that committee enhanced my opportunity to meet national leaders from across the country. Surrounded by such experience and leadership enhanced my leadership competencies and continue to do so. After several years of service at the national level with conference planning, I was nominated and elected to serve in a leadership role at the regional level, as Secretary of the MidAtlantic Region. With continuous engagement at the national level, I was then nominated and elected to the Board of Directors. As a person who subscribes to servant leadership, with each position and role, I was further assured that ACHE was the association for me.
What is the greatest leadership lesson you’ve learned from your experience with ACHE?
This is a tough question to answer as I’ve learned so much as a leader with ACHE. The best lesson that I carry with me every day was given to me by ACHE Past President, Dr. Bill Boozang. He told me, as a leader there is a lot of work to get done, don’t take anything personal and just focus on the work. As leaders, it can be difficult when you are giving an initiative your heart and soul to not take something personally. But, I hear what Bill told me and I refocus the situation to focus on how wonderful it is that others are as passionate about something as I am.
How has being a part of ACHE enhanced your professional competencies and career progression?
My engagement with ACHE cultivates an environment where I am surrounded by leaders, all of whom have different communication, problem solving and leadership styles. I learn and enhance my professional competencies in each meeting. When to use my voice, how to use my voice and the ability to be self-reflective. I take what I learn and apply that learning to my daily work and professional practice. No one is perfect and as a life-long learner, I work every day to better myself. The enhancement of my professional competencies, communication skills and confidence have positively impacted my career progression. In addition, the network I have across the country through the relationships I’ve built at ACHE provide me with a trusted network that I can rely on to support me with any initiative or situation I am navigating.
Is there anything else you would like to share with readers about your experience with ACHE?
I would encourage readers to take that bold step and get engaged with their regional board, national board or both! The hardest step is the first step when you enter a room full of strangers. Take that first step. You will not regret being a part of ACHE.
Jeni Maple
Great Plains Region
Can you share how and why did you become a member of ACHE?
I first became familiar with ACHE when I co-presented at the 2014 annual conference. It was such a rewarding experience that I have been a member ever since. I was amazed with the diversity of programming and opportunities for leadership and other professional development as well as the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. From that time on, my involvement in ACHE has remained one of my most rewarding professional experiences.
Tell us the story of your leadership path from a member to serving on the Board of Directors for your region.
After presenting at a couple of conferences, I became an active member of the Great Plains Region, serving first as Secretary and now as Chair. I have also served several years on the national conference planning committee in multiple capacities, including conference planning committee co-chair.  
What is the greatest leadership lesson you’ve learned from your experience with ACHE?
Through my experience with ACHE, I have learned so many valuable lessons about leadership. One of the most valuable for me personally has been that a leader doesn’t have to have all of the answers as well as the value of having a network of colleagues and mentors.
How has being a part of ACHE enhanced your professional competencies and career progression?
In addition to the leadership opportunities ACHE has offered me, which have greatly supported and helped shape my professional growth and career progression, my involvement in ACHE has also enabled me to be a resource to colleagues in other departments at my institution and in other professional organizations, connecting them with experts and other resources.
Is there anything else you would like to share with readers about your experience with ACHE?
ACHE is comprised of some of the most dedicated and inspiring professionals I have met, and I am grateful every day for my ACHE family!
Dr. Regis M. Gilman
Can you share how and why did you become a member of ACHE? 
As a relatively young professional, I had expanded my professional role in the Office of Admissions, to the field of serving adult learning and continuing education. It was the fall of 1984 or 85 and my Dean asked me to attend the ACHE annual meeting in Atlanta, GA to see if Drake University should consider institutional membership. Being the only attendee from an Iowa institution, I was genuinely welcomed and invited to participate in sessions and committee meetings that were of interest which included the Region VIII meeting. As it turned out I had been welcomed to dinner by the Executive leadership, the Board of Directors and ACHE and the leadership of Alpha Sigma Lambda; all interested in my professional goals and extending a warm invitation to ‘get involved’ with ACHE.
Tell us the story of your leadership path from a member to serving on the Board of Directors.
At the Atlanta meeting I attended multiple sessions, and immediately clicked with Region VIII where I saw my leadership path begin. Over those first years I received continuing support from Drake University as well as my newfound ACHE colleagues. Leadership was strongly encouraged so I engaged. From my service on the Ethical Issues in Continuing Higher Education, to Finance and the various roles of the Program Planning Committee, as well as Regional positions, my comfort level with continuing higher education grew and I was encouraged to run for an open position on the ACHE Board of Directors - Director At-Large, That invitation set a fire in me, a commitment to adult learners and to giving back to ACHE members and colleagues across the US and Canada.
What has being a part of ACHE enhanced your professional competencies and career progression?  
What a great question! ACHE is a community of professionals serving a variety of constituents, which as they come together to present best practices, broadens the reach of each of us. In trying times, I could pick up the phone to ‘run an idea or circumstance’’ by another member. The scheduled Seminar Series are a welcome addition as ACHE pivoted over the past two years.  As I moved from Adult Learners Coordinator in the mid 1980’s to positions of Interim Dean, Dean and Executive Director ACHE provided me with the opportunity to grow in the profession, to represent ACHE at international meetings, and to have a network of colleagues who truly have become my friends.
Is there anything else you would like to share with readers about your experience with ACHE?
I recommend that you engage with the opportunities provided by ACHE, both at the national and regional levels. From vendors/partners and members presenting and engaged in the work of serving their communities, writ large, increasing access for adult learners whether credit or non-credit, summer studies, youth programs, camps and conferences.  Be well and continue to do the good and impactful work that you do.
The Call for Nominations for the
2022 ACHE Awards is now open!
Award Nominations Closes
August 31, 2022
Join us in recognizing outstanding contributions to the advancement of
continuing higher education. Nominations for individual and program awards are now being accepted and will be awarded at the 84th Annual ACHE Conference
October 24-26, 2022 in New Orleans.
Individual Award Categories:
Meritorious Service
Rising Star
Program Award Categories:
  Distinguished Program – Credit and Non-Credit
Creative Use of Technology
Older Adult Model Program Award
Outstanding Services to Underserved Populations
Crystal Marketing Award
Nominations are due by Wednesday, August 31, 2022.
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