ACHE 2021 Conference Sessions

Conference Session Recordings

A New Kind of Portfolio: A Theoretical Framework Awarding Credit for Transferable (Soft) Skills

Lisa Myers

Rethinking Remediation

Karen Maple

Making Your Mark with Microcredentials

Amrit Ahluwalia

Challenging Assumptions to Champion Change

Christine Billings, April Paschall

Leveraging Workforce Development to Build and Sustain Technology-Connected Communities

Dr. Marthann Schulte, Dr. Roxanne M. Gonzales, Dr. Mary Earick

Access and Equity: College and Community Collaboration aimed at maximizing PRAXIS CORE pass rates for BIPOC teacher candidates in New Jersey

Christiane Warren

The Evolution of an Adult Peer Mentor Program: Lessons Learned in Changing Times

Cara Nissen, Lancella Hunter, Suzanne Williams

Advancing Latinx Adult Learner Success: Models that Support Multicultural Recruitment, Access and Degree Completion

Lisa Braverman

Experiences with HyFlex: Accommodating Students During and Post Pandemic 

Bonnie Covelli

Boldly Going Where No Catholic University Has Gone - Celebrating Student Success and Achievements Through Digital Badges 

Andrea Carroll-Glover, Carrie Wandler

Getting Adult Students to the "Finish Line" Getting Adult Students to the "Finish Line" 

Jacqueline Arnold, Tracy Robinson 

Non-Credit Programming in a Pandemic - Should We? Could We?

Julie Lovett

The Transition to Blended Learning: A Study of Adult Learners in a Private Liberal Arts Graduate Program

Brianna Parsons, William Boozang

Southeastern Oklahoma State University: Applying Constructive Indigenization to Create Equitable and Empowering Learning Experiences for Native American Students

Patricia Hornback

Faculty Perceptions of Prior Learning Assessment--It's All About the Money

Chantel Reynolds

Adult Instructor Preparedness: Working with Vulnerable Populations 

Christina White Prosser

Leveraging Community Partnerships to Increase Access Through a Trauma-Informed Approach to Program Design and Teaching

Ingrid Ingerson, Kenneth P. Pienkos, Lela Hilton

Braving the Leadership Landscape: An Innovative Approach to Team-based Leadership

Amy Rell, Dani Langworthy, Aman Sunder, Ashley Moran, David Mannaioni

Success with transfer students: The best policies and practices

Walter Pearson, Jennifer Gettings, Katie Farrell, Heather Adams

The State of Prior Learning Assessment in Graduate Education in the US

Dianna Rust, Pamela Morris

Writing for publication in the Journal of Continuing Higher Education (JCHE)

Walter Pearson

Workshop: Creating Influence and Impact

Sheila Boysen

Couch to Classroom: Introductory Course Ideas for the Online Classroom 

Shane Santana, Samantha Porter