ACHE Membership

Unlocking Opportunities with ACHE Membership

1. Networking Opportunities:
   - Connect with CE professionals regionally, nationally, and digitally.
   - Expand professional reach through digital media platforms.

2. Leadership Development:
   - Advance leadership skills through committee and regional chapter positions.

3. Digital Member Database:
   - Free listing in ACHE's digital member database.
   - Connect with members across the U.S. and Canada.

4. Journal of Continuing Higher Education Subscription:
   - Access both print and digital versions of the Journal of Continuing Higher Education.
   - Explore full archives for scholarly research.

5. Exclusive Email Bulletins:
   - Stay informed with members-only weekly and monthly bulletins.
   - Topics include news updates, career development, and insights from ACHE.

6. Conference Benefits:
   - Enjoy reduced registration fees for annual and regional conferences.

7. Webinars:
   - Access free webinars and webinar catalog with membership.

8. Awards Eligibility:
   - Get recognized for outstanding work with Individual, Program, and Marketing Awards.

9. Grants & Scholarships:
   - Apply for various grants and scholarships, including student and project funding.

10. Mentoring Program:
    - Engage in mentorship opportunities through ACHE's Mentoring Program.


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