Information for Primary Contacts of Member Institutions & Organizations

If you were previously identified as the bundle administrator for your institution’s or organization's membership, you are now identified as the primary contact in our new system and can request management access to manage staff members.  Through your MemberCompass™, you will have access to a staff section (bottom link on the left navigation) where you can view and manage the individuals associated with your institution.  From this staff section you may add and remove staff, as applicable, and also grant other staff members management access.  Please note: 

  • Any individual receiving benefits via your institutional membership will be noted on this staff list as inheriting benefits.  If a staff member is listed incorrectly as a "non-member", please contact us to update the record to inheriting benefits
  • Individuals who hold student and retiree memberships, and who affiliate with your institution, will also appear in your staff listing. However, their membership will be listed as student or retiree and they do not inherit benefits from the institution.
  • If you have added new accounts for new staff members, full activation may take up to 24 business hours due to system security protocols.

There are three roles that can be designated for each institutional membership:  primary contact, billing contact, and management access.  While only one person can serve as the primary or billing contact, management access can be granted to more than one individual.   

To enter your MemberCompass™, login and select your name in the upper right corner.

The "Staff" section is available from the left navigation of your MemberCompass™.  If you are not seeing this "Staff" section, please contact us so that your record can be updated to include management access.

Of course, if you have questions, our Executive Office is here to help. Contact Us

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