Five Minutes with ACHE - September 8, 2022

Five Minutes with ACHE,
September 8, 2022 - Volume 7
Tina Marie Coolidge, EdD
Associate Director, Goodwin Programs
President, Association for Continuing Higher Education
Conference Fast Facts with Dr. Tina Marie Coolidge
I feel like I blinked, summer has passed, and you can now get a Pumpkin Spiced Latte at your favorite coffee shop. While the end of summer may bring some sadness, we are all feeling tremendous excitement as we count down to the 2022 ACHE National Conference in New Orleans, LA. Next thing you know, we will blink, open our eyes and we will all be together, again, in New Orleans. 
One of the things you can do in New Orleans is meet our friends and Preferred Business Partner, Simone who represents Enrole. We are so grateful and honored to have Enrole sponsoring “5 Minutes with ACHE”. I encourage you to go to their website and read about the innovative services they provide and visit Simone at the conference in October.  
Here are some “Fast Facts” about the conference, providing you with great information about this exciting event and “Next Steps” for planning your trip: 
1. ACHE’s 2022 International Conference is on October 24-26, 2022, and is being held in New Orleans, LA. 
2. The Conference theme is, “Equity, Access & Belonging: Continuing Higher Education's Commitment Today, Tomorrow and into the Future”
3. The deadline to register for the conference and obtain the “Regular Rate” ends on September 30, 2022. Beginning October 1, 2022, the registration rate increases slightly.   
4. Hurry up and reserve your room NOW to ensure occupancy at the Conference hotel. To ensure your lodging is reserved at the preferred conference rate, attendees must make their reservation by 9.22.22. 
4. You can sign up for one of the two Certification Tracks and leave the conference with an ACHE subject matter Certification! 
5. One of the Certification Tracks being offered is the Leadership Certification Track: The Value of Differences: From Transactional to Transformational Leadership. 
6. The other Certification Track that is being offered is the DEIB Certification Track: Inclusive Leadership: The Competitive Edge in Diversity, Inclusion, & Belongingness.
Again, I want to extend a special thank you to Preferred Business Partner, Enrole for sponsoring “5 Minutes with ACHE. We encourage you to visit with Enrole at the International Conference, but also to read more about the ways they can support you and your institution.   
I can’t wait to see you and to come together, again, at the 84th ACHE Conference. Until then, Laissez les bon temps rouler (Let the good times roll)!!!! 
Soignez vous-autres! 
Dr. Tina Marie Coolidge 
President, Association for Continuing Higher Education 
Goodwin College of Professional Studies, Drexel University
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Hotel Cut-off is 9/22/22
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Dr. Amy Jordan
Great Lakes Region
Can you share how and why did you become a member of ACHE? 
The year was 2010... I was launching initial online courses with my then-university, University of Arkansas Fort Smith. A colleague and I submitted a research presentation to ACHE called “Where’s the Chalk?.” We thought we were clever. Our work was accepted and I found myself at my first ACHE Annual Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The content of that conference spoke to my desire to grow my career in the emerging world known as the adult learner. My student’s profiles were evolving into that demographic, with their shared hunger for both professional and personal fulfillment. The participants of that conference spoke the fluid and deep language of adult learner advocacy and understanding of the unique and powerfully brave student who wanted more. 
Tell us the story of your leadership path from a member to serving on the Board of Directors. 
As the years of ACHE conversations became routine and needed insights into how I could be a better academic and a more creative professor and administrator, the value of this organization became a defining and nurturing force. The impact of the collective whole of ACHE is profound and dynamic. I wanted to be more involved in the ways we are a part of the greater vision of higher education. I sought a position on the board and was not successful in that first effort. Encouraged to try again, I ran when the next opportunity arose. I was elected and have enjoyed an extended tenure with our leadership team ever since. The board is a collection of fierce thinkers, experienced educators, and seasoned listeners, all energized by the mission and good work of our organization. It has been a career privilege to learn from the best. 
What is the greatest leadership lesson you’ve learned from your experience with ACHE? 
This is a difficult question because I have been witness to many great leadership lessons as a member of ACHE. In a broad sense, I cite a deeper appreciation for authentic leadership as a valued ACHE lesson. I have worked closely with many of my ACHE colleagues on diverse and demanding projects. I am absolutely moved and inspired by the dedication and solid values our members bring to the board table, the conference presentations, and in casual conversation. The earnestness that I have seen from our board presidents, for example, is a tribute to the longevity of our organization’s successes. Effective and honest leadership is a noble effort … and a lot of work.  
How has being a part of ACHE enhanced your professional competencies and career progression? 
Perhaps the best gift given to me through ACHE is the contagious desire to be the best professor, the best decision-maker, and the best contributor to positive change that I possibly be. These actions stem from the inspiration of my ACHE colleagues who are engaged in these pursuits every day. Because of ACHE, I am certain I have grown to better understand my students and their needs. The career progressions I have enjoyed include elevated participation at the university level in curricular development and university-wide search teams and in leading other faculty in improved pedagogical practices. A greater knowledge base, increased confidence, and a renewed love of our industry are ACHE – infused contributors to these efforts.    
Is there anything else you would like to share with readers about your experience with ACHE? 
I wish I had been aware of ACHE years before I discovered this organization. You, as an ACHE member, can enlighten a future leader in our field by getting them involved with our work now. It is a life-changing affiliation with life-changing friendships. 
Patti Spaniola
South Region
Can you share how and why did you become a member of ACHE?
In 2011, we submitted a program for an award to ACHE South and we won! My colleague and I flew to San Antonio and immediately felt at home. Everyone was welcoming and a lot of fun. We learned about Continuing Education programs, leadership opportunities and saw how everyone enjoyed being together. We were wholeheartedly committed by the end of that conference.  
Tell us the story. What got you engaged with ACHE? Why do you stay engaged in ACHE?
In San Antonio, ACHE South leadership said they needed a host for the 2013 Regional Conference. At that moment, I jumped into the deep end and raised my hand to serve as host. In 2013, I was elected as Member at Large. I continued to serve as Secretary, Chair-Elect, Chair and Past Chair. I stay engaged because of the people who give me opportunities to grow. Being a part of an incredibly dedicated group of professionals gives me great satisfaction and a greater sense of belonging. We stay committed to each other and to the organization by offering ourselves possibilities to stretch and grow. ACHE is where I try new skills and ideas before bringing them to my university. Working in this safe space with supportive colleagues makes all the difference in my professional and personal life.  
What is the greatest leadership lesson you’ve learned from your experience with ACHE?
There are so many! From maintaining a vast network with professionals all over the country to presenting at my first conference to serving in roles I never would have anticipated have given me many opportunities for growth. Watching other leaders succeed gives me confidence to try these opportunities for myself. The biggest lesson I have learned is to say “yes” often and rely on the team to help me through any situation.   
How has being a part of ACHE enhanced your professional competencies and career progression?
Trying new roles and implementing ideas at ACHE gives me practice before I try these ideas at my university. I gain confidence and can see how new programs may or may not work well. In an unusual twist, my current UWF President heard about me from my ACHE South colleague (Dr. Susan Elkins) who said wonderful things about me. Later, when I met my UWF President for the first time, she said I was “legendary” as she had already heard many positive things about me and my work. That was a big advantage!
What is something unique or special about your ACHE Region that you would like to share with others? 
The South region is special because of the remarkably dedicated individuals who remain involved over the course of many years. When I have a question, my ACHE South colleagues answer the call in no time. Even when they retire, they return to present or participate in conferences. They are lifelong friends and people I rely on to give me advice and guidance. Plus, I love the big dance party during the conference! So much fun!
Is there anything else you would like to share with readers about your experience with ACHE?
Say “yes”, jump into the deep end, try new ideas, grow in ways you never expected. You will be greater for the experience and so will ACHE.
Dr. Bill Boozang
Can you share how and why did you become a member of ACHE? 
 I became an ACHE member in 2008, when I found myself managing a continuing education unit with very little experience in CE and professional studies. ACHE New England was my lifeline in my first year as director, as I met so many seasoned deans and directors who were so generous with their time and insights. 
What is the greatest leadership lesson you’ve learned from your experience with ACHE? 
Always pay it forward. While I am a natural connector of people, I constantly try to assist people on my network in the same way that I’ve been assisted. ACHE has opened so many professional doors for me, facilitated introductions, and really honed my expertise through learning from many of the best in CE.  
How has being a part of ACHE enhanced your professional competencies and/or your career progression? 
First and foremost, the network. I’ve never landed a role from a simple submission to a post alone. Higher education is all about relationships, and the ACHE connections are powerful. Secondly, I’ve learned from example to leave the ego at the door and remember that we are here for the students. ACHE workshops, both virtual and at the conferences, impart best practices for a student-centered approach to continuing and professional education. 
What is something unique or special about your experience with ACHE that you would like to share with others? 
ACHE involvement is a rare opportunity to engaging in mentorship, networking, best practice and professional development. Put yourself out there and volunteer! Get involved! The Association is a dynamic body which provides a foundation for leadership which will surely benefit your professional pursuits
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