Memorial Staff Development Grant - Guest Blog by Leslie Brezina

Five Minutes with ACHE,

Whether you have been working in higher education a few months or many years, the need for professional development is critical. Professional development means to explore, invent/reinvent, and embrace changes that will excel the work of serving adult and non-traditional students. As we grow in our roles and expand our duties, many job functions are new to us. I have found the ACHE conferences are a wonderful opportunity to network and share best practices among colleagues. The 2018 ACHE Annual Meeting and Conference confirmed my belief.

Recently I began my duties as Director for Business Development for the College of Computer and Information Sciences at Regis University. I wanted to attend the conference to gain insight and input from my ACHE colleagues on growing strategic partnerships and talent pathways. I was not disappointed.

Alex Read, Program Development Strategist, College of Continuing Education, Sacramento State presented, “Secrets for Creating Successful Contract Training Programs.” Alex shared his insights which helped me to refine my college’s needs assessment process and overarching strategy when working with our industry partners on education and training needs. In addition, Alex made himself available to chat with me by phone and share a recent article he co-wrote on the topic of contract training.

This is just one example of the professional development afforded me through ACHE. It was an honor to receive the ACHE Memorial Staff Development Grant and attend the 2018 ACHE Annual Meeting and Conference. Thank you!


Leslie Brezina
Director of Business Development
College of Computer and Information Sciences
Regis University

The ACHE Memorial Staff Development Grant

In 2015, ACHE lost two champions of continuing higher education just prior to the Annual Conference and Meeting in St. Louis: Charlee Lanis of East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, and Don Devilbiss of Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania. But Charlee and Don were not just champions of the students they served. They were also champions of supporting their staff in obtaining key professional development needed to do the important work of serving adult and non-traditional students. In honor of the spirit and character of Charlee, Don, and other ACHE champions of Continuing Education (CE) who have passed away, the ACHE Board of Directors authorized establishment of the ACHE Memorial Staff Development Grant in order to assist with funding CE unit staff to participate in professional development activities.

Each year, ACHE will award one grant in an amount not to exceed $1500 for a CE staff member to attend an ACHE professional development event - to include the annual or a regional conference, leadership training, or other type of activity as seems appropriate to the needs of the selectee - in order to further their professional development growth and hone their skills.

To learn more about the ACHE Memorial Staff Development Grant, please visit the Grants and Scholarships page of the ACHE website.