Five Minutes with ACHE: 2020 Vision - Looking Forward with ACHE

Five Minutes with ACHE,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! At East Tennessee State University, students returned to class this week. The "newness" of the semester coupled with the emergence of a new year helps to keep me focused on the work and value of the association. This month, I'd like to share three things in continuing and adult education that I'm looking forward to this year.

1. Regional Conferences

All of my work in the Association started at the regional level. If you made a New Year's resolution related to professional development, your regional meeting is a good place to start. Here's a list of Regional Meetings you should consider attending:

2. Continuing Our Partnership with The EvoLLLution

Since March 2019, The EvoLLLution has partnered with ACHE to provide custom content to ACHE members. This partnership also connects each region and the international organization with speakers from The EvoLLLution, providing multiple opportunities for our members to see the landscape of adult and continuing higher education. If you haven't visited the ACHE/EvoLLLution partnership page, I hope you will do so soon. If you resolved to read more this year, The EvoLLLution is a great place to start.

3. The 2020 Annual Conference and Meeting

This year's conference co-chairs, Jeni Maple (Southeastern University) and Julie Shankle (Florida Institute of Technology), are already working industriously with a team of dedicated volunteers to plan an excellent conference and meeting in New Orleans, LA. There are a few spaces left on the planning team. If you are interested in serving, please contact Jeni or Julie. Also, the Call for Proposals closes Monday, February 3rd. Please consider sharing your ideas with us at this conference. If you resolved to volunteer more this year, consider giving some of your time to ACHE. If you resolved to engage in more scholarly activity this year, consider submitting a proposal.

We have so much to look forward to as an organization. I hope you'll join me in service to the organization this year. Whether you believe or bemoan New Year's resolutions, I hope ACHE can help you meet your goals this year. Feel free to reach out if I can help you reach those goals.

Looking forward together,

Amy Johnson
ACHE President