Five Minutes with ACHE - October 5, 2022

Five Minutes with ACHE,
October 5, 2022 - Volume 9
Tina Marie Coolidge, EdD
Associate Director, Goodwin Programs
President, Association for Continuing Higher Education
We are getting so close to being together again at the 2022 ACHE National Conference in New Orleans, LA. For those that have not yet registered, I encourage you to register for the conference TODAY! 
This will be my final feature article in “5 Minutes with ACHE” and I want to shout from the top of a skyscraper how grateful I am for the business partnership, friendship and sponsorship of Preferred Business Partner, EnroleI’ve known Simone from Enrole for over a decade and want all to know that Simone and her colleagues at Enrole are not just engaging with attendees to secure a deal. They are there to build relationships, have deep conversations to understand your institutions needs and creatively and innovatively see if there is a way that partnership with Enrole can benefit you and your institution. We are so grateful and honored to have Enrole sponsoring “5 Minutes with ACHE”. I encourage you to go to their website and read about the innovative services they provide and visit Simone at the conference in October.  
A very special thank you Simone and her colleagues at Enrole for sponsoring “5 Minutes with ACHE”. Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to bring this wonderful resource to you. 
As I mentioned, we are getting so close to the conference. ACHE’s 2022 International Conference is on October 24-26, 2022, and is being held in New Orleans, LA. The Conference theme is, “Equity, Access & Belonging: Continuing Higher Education's Commitment Today, Tomorrow and into the Future”. Below are the top things you need to do TODAY if you haven’t already. For your convenience, you can use this as a checklist to get ready to be together in a couple of weeks. 
1. If you have not already, it is time to register for the conference.   
2. Hurry up and reserve your room NOW to ensure occupancy at the Conference hotel
3. If you are just registering now, be sure to sign up for one of the two Certification Tracks and leave the conference with an ACHE subject matter Certification! 
4. If you’ve already registered but have not signed up for one of the two Certification Tracks you can go online RIGHT NOW and register for one of the Certification Tracks – there are just a few seats open for each track. Trust me, you do not want to missing being a part of the Certification Track. Also, signing up for the Certification Track will not preclude you from attending concurrent session. The schedule was designed to ensure you can participate in both! 
5. Email or text your network and see who else is attending the conference. New Orleans is such a great city. During the day you will experience a phenomenal conference and in the evening, you can enjoy the sounds, sights and flavors of the city. Invite a friend or colleague to the conference. A conference is always more fun with a buddy!  
6. Pack your yoga clothes and mat. We will be offering yoga sessions each morning before the conference at no cost to attendees. What a great way to start the day! 
7. Pack your walking shoes. Each morning before the conference starts, ACHE leadership will lead a beautiful brisk walk along the river culminating with a stop at Café du monde to grab amazing coffee and the best beignets you will ever eat! 
8. The food in NOLA is beyond amazing. We will have recommendations for you (stay tuned for emails to be sent soon) to visit. Everyone has their own palate, and you are encouraged to do some research and find local restaurants that you want to visit. 
9. Review the Conference concurrent session schedule and start to plan out which sessions you would like to attend. We have so many wonderful offerings for you it is a great idea to start to become familiar with the session topics and presenters.  
Again, I want to extend a special thank you to Preferred Business Partner, Enrole for sponsoring “5 Minutes with ACHE. We encourage you to visit with Enrole at the International Conference, but also to read more about the ways they can support you and your institution.   
I can’t wait to see you and to come together, again, at the 84th ACHE Conference. Until then, Laissez les bon temps rouler (Let the good times roll)!!!! 
Soignez vous-autres! 
Dr. Tina Marie Coolidge 
President, Association for Continuing Higher Education 
Goodwin College of Professional Studies, Drexel University 
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Dr. Steven Frye
Can you share how and why did you become a member of ACHE? 
My initial encounters with ACHE came through my position in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies at Tennessee Tech University. Current ACHE President-Elect, Dr. Susan Elkins, encouraged involvement in the organization at the State, Regional, and national levels. I attended my first ACHE regional and national conferences in 2011 and 2012. The one thing that always stood out to me was the welcoming nature of the organization and the supportive environment that felt like family.   
Tell us the story of your leadership path from being a member to serving on the Board of Directors for your region. 
I have always believed that if you are going to be part of an organization, you should try to be involved in some way. My initial involvement was primarily through leading conference sessions, and the participation level has always been outstanding. My colleague Jonathan Taylor and I were asked to deliver one of those presentations as a Keynote at the annual conference in Memphis. My path to leadership started with attending regional meetings at the National Conferences and working with the Conference Planning Committee. This led to me being asked to serve on the ACHE South board as a Member-At-Large, and eventually being elected as Secretary at the meeting in Gatlinburg in 2019. Due to COVID interruptions, I now serve as Chair. 
What is the greatest leadership lesson you’ve learned from your experience with ACHE? 
I believe that leadership is primarily about relationships and enabling people to utilize their abilities and gifts in ways that benefit them and the association. ACHE has reinforced the concept that at its base, effective leadership starts with caring about the people and the organization. I have witnessed genuine passion for the ACHE South leadership. One shining example is Marilyn Read. Her consistent concern for the organization, and willingness to do what needs to be done makes me want to care even more. The fact that she would probably not like being singled out like this only confirms the leadership she embodies. 
How has being a part of ACHE enhanced your professional competencies and career progression? 
Professional involvement is, of course, an important component of my role as a faculty member and School Director, so my involvement has helped with tenure and eventual promotion to Full Professor. Watching how the ACHE family interacts and supports one another has hopefully helped me to become a better teacher and leader. Listening to others discuss the struggles of meeting the needs of adults in college/university settings has encouraged me in my endeavors to emphasize the needs of adult learners at a highly “traditional” university. 
Is there anything else you would like to share with readers about your experience with ACHE? 
ACHE is a wonderful organization in which to grow as a professional, a leader, and most importantly, as a person. There is always “room for one more” to try out their wings in service to the organization. I want to encourage others to take a chance – this is a place for your blend of abilities and passions. 
David Grebel
Can you share how and why did you become a member of ACHE? 
I had just become the Director of Extended Education at TCU in August of 1997 and was as “wet behind the ears” as anyone could be. TCU had been a founding member of ACHE so it was an easy step to begin participating in regional and national conferences. I attended my first regional meeting in Pensacola in the spring of 1998 and then turned around and helped host the national conference in Fort Worth that fall. 
What is the greatest leadership lesson you’ve learned from your experience with ACHE? 
Lead with hope and not with fear. Trust your colleagues. Lead from the front while encouraging and resourcing everyone else to lead in their own spaces. In the kinds of challenging times that we’ve experienced in higher education fear and anxiety can easily dominate our decisions. Learning to trust my colleagues and leading with a view of the future enables me to make decisions based on hope. 
How has being a part of ACHE enhanced your professional competencies and/or your career progression? 
 ACHE provided me with critical tools to administer a fast growing non-credit department; particularly in the areas of financial management and inter-departmental relations. Some of those tools came through formal learning in our conferences and webinars but many of them came through the long term relationships with fellow members. 
 ACHE enhanced my career progression through significant contacts in the world of continuing and adult education. Serving as an officer opened numerous opportunities that enriched my work and provided me with a window on a broader world that I would not have received otherwise. I’ve worked with colleagues from across the world and have had the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally to present about continuing education, adult education, and community engagement. 
What is something unique or special about your experience with ACHE that you would like to share with others? 
Most of us know ACHE for the quality of the relationships that it enables. I’ve been blessed with significant friendships and delightful travel opportunities with those friends. I’ve worked on projects with people I came to care about and have experienced their care for me in times of professional and personal crisis. In that sense my experience has not been unique but it has been formative. 
Is there anything else you would like to share with readers about your experience with ACHE? 
When you find a precious pearl you cherish it and you share it. ACHE has been that precious pearl for me for over 25 years. Even in retirement ACHE still plays an important role in my ongoing formation and a member of my local and professional communities.
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