Five Minutes with ACHE - November 10, 2022

Five Minutes with ACHE,
November 10, 2022 - Volume 11
ACHE Executive Committee
Susan Elkins, Ed.D.
Alex Read, M.A.
Patti Spaniola, MBA
Vice President
Tina Marie Coolidge, Ed.D.
Immediate Past President
Board of Directors
Anne Rapp, Ph.D.
LeSondra Jones, M.A.
Terry Ratcliff, EdD
Michael Edmondson, Ph.D.
Jessica Applewhite
Bryan L. Best
Kate White
Stacey Rosenberg
Regional Chairpersons
Anne Rapp
ACHE Great Lakes
Trisha Dionne
ACHE Northeast
Jeni Maple
ACHE Great Plains
Steven Frye
ACHE South
Connie Harrington
ACHE MidAtlantic
LeSesondra Jones
Susan Elkins, EdD
Chancellor, USC Palmetto College
President, ACHE
Celebrating our 85th Anniversary: 
A Historic Year for ACHE!! 
As we enter this historic 85th year for the Association of Continuing Higher Education (ACHE), we express our deepest gratitude to the many ACHE founders and leaders from the past for their 84 years of leadership and dedication to the ACHE family! We will continue to stand on your shoulders forever! 
This year we’ll spend lots of time celebrating the past but also looking forward to the future! And, as an organization, we’ll go back to the basics... the very foundation of what has made us successful for the past 84 years. Using the acronym, BASICS, the presidential priorities will focus on the following: 
B- Build budget for organizational sustainability 
A- Add members and partners 
S- Simplify and implement strategic plan 
I- Increase Information and (I) Engagement 
C- Celebrate 85th Anniversary at Conference in Charleston  
S- Support scholarship through the Journal for continuing higher education and other scholarly activities 
Now, you’ve heard from me regarding the BASIC presidential priorities...But we also want to hear from you... on what you want for the future! At the close of my remarks at the 84th Annual Conference in New Orleans, we were thrilled to have approximately one-third of the attendees who were either first or second timers, along with many others who have been very loyal to ACHE for decades. Those of you who were in attendance will recall that I asked the following three quick questions of everyone -- both the past and future of our ACHE membership.   
Why did you join? 
Why did you stay, or for the new members with less than 5 years, why will you stay? 
Who can you bring with you…..beginning with our 85th annual conference in Charleston next year?? 
Please answer these questions to yourself today, then we will include a Survey Monkey questionnaire in the next edition of Five Minutes to capture your responses and use your input in the planning process for the future as we continue to “Celebrate the Past and Look Forward to the Future” throughout this historic year!   
Happy 85th Anniversary, ACHE!!!! 
Walter Pearson
Editor, The Journal of Continuing Higher Education
Dr. Walter Pearson currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief for ACHE’s peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Continuing Higher Education (JCHE). In this role, he enjoys working with authors to shape their ideas for publication and serving our talented Editorial Board, who serve as reviewers for the journal. 
Walt has been active in ACHE for 26 years. He holds a Ph.D. from Iowa State University in adult and continuing education.
Walt retired as Dean from Loyola University Chicago in 2018, where he worked with faculty and staff to deliver on a commitment to working adults. Helping working adults to become better leaders, achieve success in their lives, and create more meaning are central themes of his career. 
Walt’s areas of expertise include effective enrollment practices, systems for faculty development, strategies that promote adult student persistence, policies and procedures to support prior learning assessment, ways to employ technology to help build programs, and administrative techniques for both large and small institutions.
The Journal of Continuing Higher Education
The Journal of Continuing Higher Education (JCHE), ACHE’s peer-reviewed research journal, has over 60,000 downloads of articles per year. The journal has a world-wide reach, with a 35-member editorial board consisting of scholars from Australia, Ireland, South Africa, and the United States. The journal is a practitioner’s source, with robust articles on serving adult students (including veterans), administering continuing education programs, online learning, prior learning assessment, and marketing in CE. JCHE serves the leaders, administrators, faculty, and staff who work with adult/nontraditional/post-traditional students or provide continuing education within higher education. These students are often employed who may study online, attend as commuters, and are transfer students. They are served through credit and noncredit offerings in both traditional and innovative formats (i.e. online, off-campus, accelerated, etc.). 
JCHE publishes research articles (around 7000 words) and Ideas in Practice articles (up to 4000 words), an even more applied sort of article. Access to JCHE is free to all ACHE members: Login at www.ACHEINC.ORG and navigate to See our call of papers.
Editorial Board
Tricia Berry
Bill Boozang
Bo Chang
Lee Douglas
Susan Elkins
Steven Frye
Michelle Johnson
Leann Kaiser
Carol Kasworn
Kathy Lohr
Kelly McKenna
Mary Wisniewski
Kayon Murray-Johnson
Joann Olson
Lesley Page
Kevin Roessger
Amy Rose
Jovita M. Ross-Gordon
Marthann Schulte
Ann Solan
Timothy Sullivan
Jonathan Taylor
Seamus O'Tuama
Geesje Van Den Berg
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