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ACHE Webinar Series: February 22

Wednesday, February 22, 2023
1:00 PM - 1:50 PM (EST)

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Corporate Engagement and Strategic Partnerships

Description: The purpose of this session is to explore corporate and external partnerships in order to grow enrollment in adult degree completion programs. The strategic approach to grow connections that lead to program enrollment growth will be the primary focus of this session. The presenter will examine the current partnerships and dissect the methods by which those arrangements were established. While the primary audience for this program is a four-year university, many of the strategies will apply to Community Colleges. Students in the B.S. in Organizational Leadership & Learning examine relevant, rigorous, and research based curriculum that connects directly to enhance students' skills in leadership, organizational change, and workplace development and performance. Consequently, this adult degree completion program aligns well with the needs of many career fields from corporate, government, education, and military sectors. Credit for Prior Learning is an integral component that assists corporate partners to save tuition assistance expenditures.



  • Matt Bergman, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Louisville
  • Tracy Robinson, Director, Innovative Academic Initiatives, The University of Memphis

Webinar Host: Sherry Blok, Concordia University

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