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2023 Emerging Leaders Institute

Thursday, August 10, 2023
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)

Event Details

What is the Emerging Leaders Institute?

The Emerging Leaders Institute is designed to provide professional development and leadership training to continuing education professionals through active learning workshops, networking, and coaching. This is a 3-day virtual event. 

Who can register?

All continuing higher education professionals are welcome to register. The Emerging Leaders Institute is designed particularly for individuals who have been working in continuing education for 3-5 years or more and who are preparing to take on additional leadership roles. 

When will it take place?

August 10, 15 & 17

Where will it be held?

Virtual Format (Zoom)

Why is it important to attend?
Continuing Education is an exciting place to work and developing talent from within is more important than ever. This workshop prepares professionals for leadership within a Continuing Education unit and the university as a whole.

How can I register? 

Register here. The registration deadline is August 8. 

August 10 (9am-12pm PDT)

"Addressing Change: Leading through the Transition"


Rev-Up your Change Leadership! We’re all experiencing change at a pace never seen before. When the transition phase never ends what’s often left is friction, confusion, and underperformance. Together we’ll learn how to turn the chaos into creativity and collaboration! Participants will engage in two tracks: Personal Behavior Change and Organizational Evolution. 


  • Karl Bradley

Teacher, musician, football coach, yoga instructor, veteran, and leadership junkie are a few ways to describe our guest today. Originally from Branson, Missouri, he holds a bachelor's in education from Arizona State University & a master's in education from The University of Northern Colorado. Over his career has led teams ranging from 5 to 250 & held leadership positions in public relations, operations, fundraising, finance, human resources, corporate training & procurement. He has worked in 49 states & 20 countries supporting alliances, strengthening partnerships, and improving diplomatic relations. His areas of expertise include strategic thinking, leadership development, public speaking, team building, community engagement & ideation.

In his current work with the Extension Foundation, he hopes to inspire others to find their “why” while connecting passion to profession through his favorite role…coach. He has a lifelong enthusiasm for agricultural leadership growth to help take organizations past what the science of management says is possible.

August 15 (9am-12pm PDT)

"Mindfulness and Wellness for the Emerging Leader"


Mindfulness and self-care are currently trending as critical topics in workforce development and retention, yet many are not fully informed of the deep connection between leader wellbeing and team performance. During this 3-hour workshop, Niki Elliott will guide participants on a deep dive into the direct connection between a leader's nervous system state and their capacity to create a healthy work culture for their organization. This interactive session will introduce the science and practice of  mind-body exercises that support long-term well-being and optimal performance for both leaders and the teams they serve.


  • Dr. Niki Elliott

For more than 25 years, Dr. Niki’s professional life has been dedicated to improving conditions for students who struggle to live and learn in traditional settings. She sees the innate spark of genius in them and moves mountains to help educators, parents, health professionals, and social service providers transform personal and systemic practices that perpetuate trauma and underperformance. Dr. Niki was also a 2022 ACHE Leadership Award recipient.

Dr. Niki has taught students from elementary through post-graduate education. She considers herself to be a holistic educator who acknowledges that we bring minds, bodies, and spirits to the teaching and learning process. She believes in incorporating evidence-based mindfulness practices and other evidence-based mind-body wellness techniques in learning spaces. Dr. Niki coaches educators and parents to balance themselves and the energy they bring to children in order to establish the kinds of trusting and healing relationships that are foundational to effective teaching and learning.

August 17 (9am-12pm PDT)

"Serving All (Focused on Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging)"


Post secondary institutions currently admit more low-income, racially minoritized, and first-generation college students than at any time in history. However, inequity persists when evaluating retention and graduation rates. Advocates, policymakers and researchers have called for reconsidering campus cultures, policies and practices in order to encourage improved graduation rates for low-income, racially minoritized, and first-generation college students. While educators and administrators recognize the need for new ways of engaging in educational practice, few research-informed approaches exist. In this workshop, Dr. Hallett will share key insights from one of the largest mixed methods studies of how to support historically marginalized students – Promoting At-promise Student Success (PASS) Project. In collaboration with a team of researchers across the nation, Dr. Hallett helped develop a new practice-oriented framework that campuses can use to evaluate and improve their institutional culture.  This session will begin with an overview of the research that serves as the foundation for the ideas shared in the session. Next, he will discuss the new research informed framework – a culture of ecological validation. The final half of the workshop will include promising practices related to building a culture of ecological validation on your campus, which has the potential to improve the educational experiences and outcomes for your students.


  • Dr. Ron Hallett 

Ronald Hallett is a Professor of Leadership in the LaFetra College of Education at the University of La Verne and a lead research associate at the Pullias Center for Higher Education in the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California. Dr. Hallett’s research explores how to improve college access, success and experiences for low-income, racially minoritized, and first-generation college students. In particular, his recent work focuses on the role of institutional culture, cross functional collaborations, and innovative ways of engaging in higher educational practices can improve student outcomes. 

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