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Best Practices for Planning Virtual Events

Patti Spaniola
Director of Conferences and Events
University of West Florida

Now that events, conferences and workshops have gone virtual, brush up on your planning skills to make the best use of this new event space. Virtual events can deliver all the same elements of an “in the room” event and more. Discover best practices for planning virtual events that engage, inspire and include your participants in this dynamic environment.

Don't Let Zoom Slow You Down: Being Productive When Working Remote

Tina Marie Coolidge
Program Manager II

Andrea Guy
Program Manager
Drexel University

Are you struggling with efficiency and effectiveness while working from home?  Let us help. We've been working from home since well before Covid 19, and there are some simple strategies for making your "working from home" life more manageable and efficient.  

Grit: When It Matters Most

Nick Eremita
Vice President, Strategic Enablement & Analytics
Southern New Hampshire University

Resilience and persistence are more important than ever. In a time of civil unrest, budget uncertainties, and a global pandemic; perspective-taking, a supportive environment and an ability to adapt and innovate are crucial professional tools. 

Managing Teams from A Distance 
Susan Elkins,
Chancellor, Palmetto College
University of South Carolina

Continuing educators have often managed teams at distance work locations. These challenges of managing faculty and staff remotely have mushroomed in the current environment. With all or a majority of staff working remotely, this session hopes to provide some tips for maintaining team unity, managing projects, and evaluating work quality in the virtual environment. 

Leading Sustainable Change in Higher Education

Valerie Delleville, 
Associate Dean, Bachelor of Applied Science - Business, Business Core, & Microcredentials

Western Governors University

Change is inevitable, and the pace of change in higher education is continually increasing. This session will focus on a number of different change theories, behaviors that we can adopt to better lead change, and best practices in leading sustainable and socially responsible change. Join us for learning how to navigate VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environments, and how to ensure your institution can thrive in a continuously changing higher education landscape.

Online Advising: The Art of Advising from a Distance

Amanda Colburn,
Program Manager
Alyson Demas, 
Program Manager
Drexel University

Supporting student success from a distance is no small task. However,by using important technological and motivational tools, a strong advisor or advising team can artfully coach students though a certificate or degree program.

The Art of Integrating Mindfulness as a Form of Self Care
Kyra Dukes,
Program Manager
Drexel University

In this session, you will learn how mindfulness plays a key role in your health and well-being. Join us to explore the many different ways how mindfulness can support you both personally and professionally. You will come out of this session with simple tips and tricks to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life. All experience levels are welcome to come with an open mind and leave with a fruitful heart.

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