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Keynote Speaker

Kimberly P. McGhee
Director, Division of Extended Studies
North Carolina Central University

Personalized Pathways to Student Success: 
Navigating the Higher Education Roadmap

Today’s students are faced with many life and societal challenges that could impact their college success. As institutions grapple with the complexity of how to define student success and how to best meet the needs of students, it is becoming apparent that personalized pathways are needed to ensure the student experience is a meaningful journey on the way to becoming successful engaged citizens and contributors to society. Student success is broad and defined differently based on the institution’s mission, vision and core values. However, with changing regulations, institutions are often forced to define student success by collecting, analyzing and reporting data for federal and state entities. This presentation will explore the various ways colleges and universities can be responsive to the needs of their students and the workforce, while providing a valuable college experience based on their definition of student success.

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