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From the President's Desk - The DNA of ACHE

September 07, 2018 2:38 PM | ACHE Home Office (Administrator)

Greetings, ACHE Colleagues,

As we approach the 80th ACHE Annual Conference in Newport, I have time to reflect on my experiences leading this wonderful organization over the past year.  The exchanges of ideas, consultations on our common problems of practice, new connections, and friendships have continued to inspire and energize me.  Our field of continuing education is vital to the future of our institutions, as we strive to offer opportunity, affordability, and access to post-secondary education and transform lives through lifelong learning.

In turn, the mission, purpose, and vision of ACHE is vital to continuing education professionals’ continued development as practitioners, as the opportunity that the organization affords us to network, share best practice, and collaborate is unique to ACHE.  In light of my travels over the last year, I have come to define what characteristics make our membership, and in turn, our organization unique:

Commitment: Through countless conversations, presentations, and exchanges, the membership of ACHE exhibits a singularly focused commitment to student success and program quality.  Our network of professionals is tireless in ensuring every student seizes the opportunity to thrive through our institutions’ delivery of workshops, certificates, and degrees. We empower our students with the skills and credentials needed to succeed in today’s world.

Dynamism: The institutions and systems which we serve, and the programs which we deliver, need change in order to successfully engage on a promise of contemporary, real-world skills meeting today’s market demand. As such, we continue to grow and evolve as professionals, enthusiastically leveraging every opportunity to incorporate new knowledge, exchange ideas, and better our practice.

Innovation: At many of our institutions, the continuing education division is ground zero for new pedagogy, process, and delivery formats.  ACHE professionals reject the notion of the status quo, and seek to utilize new technology, creative solutions, as well as identify new content areas where education and training are in-demand.   Our central priorities remain in creating student-centered, educationally sound environments where optimal learning takes place. We embrace new ideas and remain open to change, which results in student success and high-quality education.

If you’re a long time member of ACHE, I assume that you’ve seen these qualities in action as well. If you’re new to ACHE, join us in Newport, as every session, workshop, keynote, and conversation showcases these characteristics, which define the tremendous benefit that ACHE participation affords.

Here’s to a wonderful Fall semester, and I’m counting the days until we meet in Rhode Island.


Yours in ACHE,

Bill Boozang, Ed.D.
ACHE President, 2018
University of New England

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