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ACHE 2018 Emerging Leaders Institute was a Success - By President-Elect Dorothy Williams

July 06, 2018 10:40 AM | ACHE Home Office (Administrator)

As graduations have concluded in May and early June, vacations have been scheduled, and fall semester is around the corner, I wanted to share what some ACHE members have been up to!!

From June 20-22, 2018 at Loyola University Chicago, the 3rd Annual ACHE Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI) was held. Eleven incredible individuals from various colleges and universities around the country embarked on an intense 2½ days of professional development and leadership training!

The Emerging Leaders Institute, as stated on our website, “Is a premier leadership opportunity for all involved.” Our 2018 speakers included Dr. Regina Lewis, Dr. Sean Gallagher, Dr. Kris Lee, Mr. Nick Eremita, and Dr. Amy Johnson.

Dr. Lewis’s workshops included Rhythmic Leadership. Dr. Gallagher’s presentation was all about Visionary Leadership & Continuing Higher Education, whereas Dr. Lee led a workshop about Cultivating Resilience in Today’s Complex Higher Education Landscape.As the excitement and learning continued, Mr. Nick Eremita led the group interaction diving into Cultivating Innovation & Killing Vampires: Leadership and Planning in Action. Dr. Amy Johnson led workshops on Strength, Trust, and Integration: ELI Reflection and Action Planning.


Day 1 of ELI: Participants learned about rhythmic leadership in a discussion led by Dr. Lewis.

In a game called Colourblind Team Building & Communication Training Game, ELI participants enhanced their team building and communication skills.

The days were full of discussions, interaction, learning, action planning, socializing, and so much more. In addition, new connections were made and the group will be moving forward on a project for ACHE!

Some participant comments include:

“I truly enjoyed every aspect of the institute. I took in a great deal of information and now plan to go home and reflect on what aspects I can incorporate into my life/work. I enjoyed the holistic approach to the person; it was not just about the job.”

“I'm so thankful to have been involved in this institute and have gained invaluable insight into myself.”

“This institute was excellent and I was honestly very honored to be part of it.  Dr. Lewis was such an inspiration and I really enjoyed her sessions. All of the speakers were absolutely great and the take-aways from this week are limitless. Thank you!”

I would like to extend a special thank you to my Co-Chair of this event, Dr. Amy Johnson. To have a partner like Amy is truly a gift.

Also, a HUGE thank you goes to the following:

  • Our incredible planning team
  • Our great speakers who brought leadership to life
  • Our fabulous team at the home office at the University of Oklahoma
  • Dr. Amy Jordan from Loyola University Chicago for organizing so much for our visit to Chicago
  • Our ACHE President, Dr. Bill Boozang
  • And our fabulous participants! You all brought such energy to ELI and we look forward to seeing you in Newport, R.I. this October for our Annual Conference – be sure to register!!

Dr. Dorothy Williams
ACHE President-Elect

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