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Farewell to Journal Editor Dr. Royce Ann Collins

December 15, 2017 5:35 PM | ACHE Home Office (Administrator)

At the close of 2017, Dr. Royce Ann Collins will complete four years of service as the Editor of the Journal of Continuing Higher Education (JCHE).

Although Royce Ann will continue to be actively involved in ACHE, she is stepping down as Editor of the Journal in order to spend more time writing and publishing research articles herself.  When asked how she would spend her "free time," she responded "Free Time - right!  I get my weekends back."  

"I plan to stay connected to ACHE, because I believe in the organization.  ACHE truly helped me as a young professional in the late 1990s and early 2000's, so I am very proud of giving back to it and the membership by serving as the Editor of JCHE for four years."

She will remain Associate Professor of Adult Learning as well as Leadership and Graduate Program Director for the department at Kansas State University - Olathe.  In addition to teaching graduate courses and mentoring doctoral students, she is looking forward to using the case study research she has collected on adults in higher education and developing it for publication.

During her four years as Editor, Royce Ann shared that she is most proud of being able to publish some issues that were very timely for practitioners.  "It was important to me for every article provide a theory to practice section.  I think many researchers have lost sight of the purpose of research which is to help the practitioner."

"I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to serve ACHE. It is a community that provided me ample opportunities to grow as a professional.... Remember: JCHE is for you, the professional. Let us know what you are doing. We look forward to publishing your story" (Collins, 2017).

ACHE Past President Clare Roby said, "As editor of JCHE, Royce Ann has worked tirelessly to promote scholarly research that expands the body of knowledge in the field of continuing higher education. She has encouraged ACHE members to submit articles for the Journal through conference sessions and webinars and has been an incredibly valuable resource for the Association. We are very grateful for her dedication and hard work."

ACHE President Bill Boozang added, "Royce Ann’s expertise and leadership have resulted in a continuation of the highest quality standards for the JCHE, providing a forum for continuing education scholarship. Royce Ann is highly valued by the organization for her professionalism, collaborative nature, and vision for the Journal."

Please join us in wishing a very fond farewell to Editor Royce Ann Collins as she continues her journey in continuing higher education!

Royce Ann Collins (2017) From the Editor, The Journal of Continuing Higher Education, 65:3, 149-150, DOI: 10.1080/07377363.2017.1373559)

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