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Congratulations to Nassau Community College

July 28, 2017 10:44 AM | ACHE Home Office (Administrator)

The Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE) would like to recognize Nassau Community College (NCC) Center for Workforce Development, recipient of an ACHE Institutional Minigrant, for completing its first semester of the Hospitality Career Pathway Program.

May 25, 2017: NCC’s Hospitality Career Pathway Program Graduation Day with students, funders, and instructors.

Program Overview

From January through May 2017, the Hospitality Career Pathway Program provided 20 Latino/a immigrants and first-generation Americans who were or had been employed in low-end hospitality industry jobs with 162 hours of instruction.  The program improved the students’ skills and knowledge, substantially impacting their ability to climb their chosen career ladder.  Students who completed the program (90% of the 20 students) received a Certificate of Completion and were provided the opportunity to sit for the ServSafe® exam to earn the national certification offered through NCC's Business Hospitality Department.

Student Outcomes to Date

  • Four (4) students have earned the ServSafe® certification,
  • One (1) has received a promotion and four (4) plan to seek a promotion at their current places of employment,
  • One (1) has received a pay increase and eleven (11) intend to look for another (higher-paying) job,
  • Twelve (12) have expressed interest in continuing their education by taking another English language skills class,
  • Four (4) have expressed interest in earning their high school diploma, and
  • Eleven (11) have expressed interest in taking another course.

To learn more about the Hospitality Career Pathway Program, which was funded in part by ACHE, please read the full year-end report.

To learn more about ACHE's Institutional Minigrants, as well as other grants and scholarships, please click here. 

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