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Home Office Relocation

August 10, 2016 7:03 PM | Anonymous

Dear Colleagues,

As you may have heard, the Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE) is currently preparing to release a Request for Proposal for the relocation of the home office. ACHE and the University of Oklahoma have enjoyed a strong partnership in offering services and educational opportunities for our field over the last eight years. Timing and circumstances are now appropriate to consider moving the home office to another institution. With Ynez Henningsen stepping away as Operations Manager and changes at the University of Oklahoma due to the state’s weak economy, it seems appropriate to seek new ideas and new energy at another institution. Additionally, we have many new members who can bring new perspectives and resources to home office activities. One of the characteristics of ACHE has always been its volunteer leadership both in its elected officers and the work of the Executive Vice President of the home office. This characteristic of the Association, we believe, sets it apart from other Associations in the educational field. Given the circumstances and this approach, releasing an RFP will continue to strengthen the tradition of how the Association membership is managed.

Equally exciting is the fact that a number of institutions seem to be interested in hosting the Association’s activities. Given that, we also wish to encourage any institutions that may have an interest in responding to review the RFP as soon as it is released. While the timelines for the full process will be in the RFP, the deadline for the submission is anticipated to be September 23, 2016. There are obviously a number of positive aspects to being the host institution, e.g., enhancing institutional reputation, utilizing staff skills, supporting the profession, increasing inter and intra-institutional status. We hope that institutional members who “want to make a difference” will seriously consider making a bid.

This has been an exciting endeavor for the University of Oklahoma, fostering an in-depth participation in ACHE; and, learning from observing ideas across the field, it has increased CE’s professional development. Additionally, this partnership has responded to our organizational mission of transforming lives through the use of knowledge. The University of Oklahoma believes that being a servant leader in the field, like other work in continuing education, is very gratifying and empowering. We, the Association and OU’s leadership, are pleased with the relationship that we have had and look forward to a strong future for ACHE at whatever institution is selected to host this important work.

Jim Pappas
ACHE Executive Vice President


Paula Hogard
ACHE President, 2016

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