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Guest Blog: "Continuing Education Evolution Hits 'Home' in UW State System"

January 11, 2016 10:28 AM | ACHE Home Office (Administrator)

"Continuing Education Evolution Hits 'Home' in UW State System" by Mickey Baines was originally published at Fourth Dimension Partners.

Higher education enrollment forces institutions to change and adaptContinuing education & adult program units are ignored until they creep into the realm of traditional programs - or until an institution needs their cash flow. And in this case, it was both.

The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents voted to approve the ability of the UW Extension arm to officially grant degrees.

The UW Extension has been building interest and demand in its competency based education courses, but couldn't award any degrees for its students. With the Board of Regents vote, that all changes. The UW Extension plans to roll out a four-year degree in business and management by the end of 2016.

Many faculty and administrators across the state system have expressed concern about the decision. The fear is that the new degree programs the Extension may offer could create an internal competition for students and resources.Higher education enrollment forces institutions to change and adapt

Why would the state system allow the Extension to award degrees for programs already offered at other campuses? For these two simple reasons: the plateauing of enrollment, and the inability of branch campuses to adapt and evolve. It's a story magnified by the scale of the state system, but one told by many small private institutions in recent history. 

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