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#ACHESTL Conference Sneak Peak - Customer Service at the Collegiate Level

August 10, 2015 1:13 PM | Anonymous

Are you a key member of an enrollment, admissions, or student support services team at your higher education institution or organization?  "Customer Service at the Collegiate Level" presented by Ann Merrifield at the ACHE 2015 Annual Conference and Meeting will provide you with the opportunity to discover best practices when providing excellent customer service to students. What's more, you'll gain insights on ways to improve interdepartmental collaboration and client support services. Here is an exclusive inside look at Ann's upcoming presentation. 

Conference Presenter 

Presenter: Ann Merrifield, Director of Business Development, Columbia College

Bio: Ann Merrifield has over 24 years of workforce development and teaching experience, a Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Curriculum Development and Instruction, and a BS in Education with a concentration in Special Education.  One of Ann’s top strengths is her Positivity, which she believes is what gets her through just about everything.  She was born and raised in Iowa, which explains her sense of humor.

Customer Service at the Collegiate Level

How many workshops on customer service have you attended in your lifetime? More than one, for sure!!  You probably know the importance of “Giving them the Pickle” and “Making their Day”.   And how often do you hear phrases such as “the customer is always right” and “going above and beyond”?   In the collegiate setting, providing excellent customer service is more than just “keeping the students happy”.  It’s having streamlined processes in place so that our students receive timely responses to their questions.  It’s having a well-trained staff in order to meet students’ needs.  It’s creating a stress-free enrollment process.  And it’s not just about the students – parents, other departments, even coworkers are customer, too.  So on top of making sure your processes work, you also need to think about methods and styles of communicating with the myriad of customers that walk through your gates.  In the workshop “Customer Service at the Collegiate Level”, you will have opportunities to discuss and process the meaning of customer service in the academic setting and share strategies for enhancing the level of customer service you provide.

ACHE Conference Presentation Details: 

Session Title: Customer Service at the Collegiate Level
Time: Tue Nov 10 2015, 2:15pm–3:15pm, Session 5 

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