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An #ACHESTL Sneak Peek: Common Issues in Noncredit Programming

August 05, 2015 1:56 PM | Anonymous

Are you involved in managing non-credit programming? Whether you're a program director, dean, or a professional staff member, you'll find valuable takeaways during the roundtable session titled "Common Issues in Noncredit Programming."  Presenter Russ O'Neill will provide you with the opportunity to open a dialog with an industry leader who has over five decades worth of experience in higher education.

Conference Presenter 

Presenter: Russ O'Neill, World Instructor Training Schools

Bio: Russ O’Neill retired in 2013 after spending 50 years in education.  After being a teacher and assistant principal at the secondary level, the second half of his career was spent in higher education.  He served as an administrator of several proprietary institutions before becoming director of continuing education at The University of Akron Wayne College and Stark State College in Ohio.  Currently, Russ is a director of partnership development for World Instructor Training Schools (W.I.T.S.).

Common Issues in Noncredit Programming

Planning noncredit courses and programs involves many unique challenges, issues and concerns.  For example, how do you determine course fees in a way that is beneficial for both students and institution?  What discounts might you want to consider?  Should you always use regular faculty for instructors, or is there a value in sometimes going outside the institution?  Determining instructor compensation can also be a challenge.  Sometimes there are organizational barriers that often create clashes between credit and noncredit programming.  It is important to find ways to overcome those barriers.  Partnerships and collaboration with outside organizations and individuals can often be beneficial to noncredit programs and can help you develop new courses.  There are many professional fields that require continuing education hours for license or credential renewal.  Is your college or university taking advantage of the many arenas where CE offerings can add to both the reputation and the bottom line of your unit?  This roundtable discussion will offer attendees the opportunity to share these and other challenges and successes and hear what others have done.  This is not a theoretical discussion.  You should go away with at least a few practical ideas to implement when you get back to the office.

ACHE Conference Presentation Details: 

Session Title: Common Issues in Noncredit Programming
Time: Tue Nov 10 2015, 2:15pm–3:15pm, Session 5 

Session Description
Whether it's planning noncredit courses or noncredit programs, the issues and concerns are the same. This roundtable session will cover topics such as pricing, finding instructors and determining salaries, the offering of discounts, benefits of partnerships and collaborations, overcoming organizational barriers, and discovering and developing new courses. Come hear what others are doing and share your challenges and successes as well.

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