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A quick peek at two ACHE St. Louis sessions

June 22, 2015 11:39 AM | Anonymous

As the summer solstice shines down on the Northern Hemisphere, gears turn at ACHE. Recently, the schedule for the 2015 Annual Conference and Meeting was released, detailing an excellent series of presentations ranging from workshops to concurrent and round table discussions. 

While reviewing the schedule, several presentations caught my interest. Firstly, I noticed a concurrent session titled "Improving the Recruitment and Success of Underrepresented Populations and Veterans through Continuing Education." The description reads: 

"The dramatic shifts in regional demographics and workforce employee demands have highlighted the need for colleges and universities to better utilize their strategic enrollment management (SEM) techniques with their continuing education programs. By providing a series of best practice initiatives, the round table presenters will highlight successful recruitment and program completion techniques for targeted student populations. The roundtable will provide specific SEM planning tactics for serving underrepresented, working adult, and veteran students."

This presentation is promising. It includes some of the core concepts in ACHE: non-traditional students, enrollment, and strategic recruitment initiatives. I would very much like to attend this session. What's more, the presenters of the session are from St. Louis University which is located roughly four miles away from the St. Louis Union Station Hotel, our conference site. It is exciting to consider that continuing education professionals from the surrounding region will be attending the conference. This will undoubtedly enrich the learning and networking atmosphere. 

Another presentation that I found interesting is titled "Conversations with Editor of JCHE." JCHE stands for the Journal of Continuing Higher Education. The description is as follows: 

"The Journal of Continuing Higher Education (JCHE) is a refereed journal published three times a year featuring major articles and shorter columns of professional interest. The journal is sponsored by the Association of Continuing Higher Education. This session is with the Editor to discuss how to publish and what to publish. Participants are encouraged to bring any ideas they would like to consider for publication or give feedback to the Editor about the possible content."

This session is extremely interesting to me because I currently serve as the Managing Editor of a peer reviewed education journal. I  would love to hear more about JCHE's editorial leadership and how they oversee the editorial process. The digital version of the Journal of Continuing Higher Education can be accessed by ACHE members  here:

I encourage the reader of this blog to view the entire conference schedule and find interesting and relevant sessions and presentations. The schedule can be found here:


Stan Khrapak
Operations Associate
Association for Continuing Higher Education

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