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ACHE South Regional Conference Highlights

June 08, 2015 11:49 AM | Anonymous

Event Name: ACHE South Regional Conference 

Institutional Representative: Patti Spaniola

ACHE: What event did you attend and how was it unique?
Patti: The ACHE South Region Conference was held in New  Orleans, LA which was the location of the inaugural ACHE South Conference nearly 57 years ago. 

ACHE: What were some of the highlights of the event? 
The conference had 3 informative keynote speakers. Dr. King Alexander, President of LSU, stressed the importance of investing in our next generation. He suggested that we, as continuing educators, involve ourselves in our communities to get people engaged and educated. Reaching out to students as young as kindergarteners to show students what higher learning institutions can do for them. Let me know that an education costs and how that is translated to future potential and financial worth. Dr. Bill Watson, Associate Professor of Learning Design and Technology at Purdue University discussed the idea of unbundling education. If we focus on skills and competencies, students can use what they are learning as they progress towards a degree rather than waiting for completion to find employment. Allowing students to combine classes from different degrees to form a specialized educational experience would benefit the student and employers. In addition, he discussed the value of badges that would help students build certifiable skills while learning that are easily understood by employers. Ms. Melinda Stallings, an expert in Industrial and Organizational Psychology gave an engaging presentation based on her book, The Power of Positive Conflict Resolution. Her book was hot off the presses arriving from the publisher the evening before her talk. Everyone in the audience received an autographed copy. 

There were 22 concurrent sessions throughout the conference ranging in topics from badge implementation to improving student support by understanding how students learn to opportunities for adult learning in many capacities. 

ACHE South welcomed six educational sponsors who added a wonderful dimension of cutting edge information and support for continuing education programs from registration systems to workforce course programs to proctoring services. They each spoke to the group and all expressed how they considered ACHE South to be family. 

Passing the Gavel 

ACHE: What did you take away from the event? 
Jam packed with education, networking, and fun exploring New Orleans, many attendees thought the conference was educational, inviting, and had the quality of a national event. The time flew by visiting with friends, discussing new ideas, and exploring New Orleans. 2016’s conference in Charleston, South Carolina can’t come soon enough.

Lori Eggleston Thorp Mini Grant Award

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