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From the President's Desk: February Greetings

February 05, 2015 3:43 PM | ACHE Home Office (Administrator)
Regis Gilman

It’s Spring (I’m an optimist!), or at least that’s how we label this semester. Students are back on campuses and online, and ACHE and the 2015 Program Committee are busy putting in place all the components necessary for an engaging Annual Conference and Meeting of colleagues from across the nation and around the world. The dates for this year are November 9-11, 2015, so if you haven’t already, mark your calendars today. More to follow….

First, I want to congratulate the Home Office for their tireless work over the holiday on our Association website. It continues to develop and grow, and I hope that you, as I do, appreciate the work that Ynez and Stan have done to bring both the resources of the Association and the tools available to the membership much closer to your fingertips. The new website is designed to be useful to members and individuals interested in learning more about what defines the Association and what we offer you, the professional continuing educator. I invite you to share our website and its resources with colleagues and staff who you think would benefit from membership in ACHE. Remember: all Institutional Members of ACHE can now connect unlimited staff to their memberships. If you have questions about this change, reach out to Ynez or Stan at the Home Office. Ynez can be reached at or 405-325-3599; Stan’s contact information is or 405-325-8145.

ACHE Regional meetings will begin shortly: Great Lakes joins the Illinois Council on Continuing Higher Education next week; Great Plains meets in early March in Des Moines, Iowa; and then MidAtlantic and South meet back-to-back in mid-April.  I’m earning my wings! I am so excited to be able to attend all the regional meetings, to be with you to hear your concerns, and most importantly to share your successes. If you’ve not yet registered for your regional meeting, I encourage you to do so. It’s where those early seeds of professional development and leadership are planted, groomed, and supported. 'The Network of Leaders for Lifelong Learning' begins with the Regions!

Today, you’ll also find the 2015 Conference Call for Proposals information. I’m grateful to Pam Collins and Tina Marie Coolidge for their work as Program Committee Co-Chairs. In these turbulent times, continuing higher education presents daily opportunities for strategic connections within and among institutions, communities, and regions, while strengthening America’s competitiveness in the global economy. Continuing Higher Educators are in a position to lead their institutions now more than ever in ways that respond to the changing environments and students we serve. What exciting initiatives, programs, or models, are you exploring on your campus, in your state, or your region, with competency based education, credit for prior learning, degree completion, military education, and more? I invite you to review the Call for Proposals information and submit a proposal for the 2015 ACHE 77th Annual Meeting and Conference. 

Until next month, I hope you keep safe and warm, and continue always to do the inventive, innovative, and collaboratively successful things that make continuing higher education so meaningful to adult learners, wherever they are on their journey.

Regis Gilman 

Regis M. Gilman
ACHE President, 2015 

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