2023 Certification Tracks

Leadership Certification Track

This certification is designed for individuals at all levels of an organization who seek to cultivate resilience and agility to support their organizations as change agents.  Participants will develop and enhance leadership competencies to support positive transformation.  This is a desirable, complementary certification for those that want to be transformative leaders.

The content of the certification focuses on organizational change leadership, institutional direction setting and leading inclusive teams at the individual, department and institutional level. In addition, participants will develop a unique transformational leadership mindset that goes beyond managing the usual day-to-day activities and will gain the knowledge and confidence to create strategies for taking their team to the next level of performance and success.

DEIB Certification Track

An institution is only as good as its culture and building that culture is every employee, manager, and leader’s responsibility. The management of diversity and inclusion has evolved from a focus on compliance to a strategic-level effort with a demonstrated positive contribution to an organization's performance.  In addition, diversity and inclusion are much more than a legal or moral requirement; they’re a competitive advantage.

This course will develop the skills needed to become a more impactful employee, manager, or leader.  During the course, participants will analyze interventions surrounding inclusive leadership, unconscious bias, and specific diversity and inclusion strategies. In addition, participants will enhance their inclusive communication skills and approach by understanding assumptions and communicating across differences.  The DEIB Certification is designed to provide leaders with the concrete tools needed to create, develop, and foster inclusive teams and inclusive workplaces.