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2016 ACHE New England Spring Regional Meeting

ACHE New England and SNHU present The Many Faces of Competency-Based Education

Join ACHE New England either face-to-face or virtually for "The Many Faces of Competency-Based Education"

Host Kevin Bell (Northeastern University’s Lowell Institute) led this free webinar, welcoming guests Jayne Pelletier (University of New England), Yvonne Simon (SNHU’s College for America) and Kathe Kacheroski (SNHU’s Accel Program) for a live video-cast of a lively discussion of the varieties of CBE programs with Sasha Thackaberry (SNHU) providing commentary.


May 6, 2016
11 am to noon (ET)
Walker Auditorium (Main campus)
Southern New Hampshire University


Kevin Bell
Executive Director
Northeastern University Online Curriculum Development and Deployment

Kevin leads Northeastern University's efforts toward the goal of high-quality, professional online programs based on industry and academic standards. 

Guest Speaker

Jayne Pelletier
Director of Academic Partnerships
University of New England

Jayne oversees the development and implementation of online program management and facilitates the operational and academic processes of online programs.

Guest Speaker

Yvonne Simon
Chief Learning Architect
College for America
Southern New Hampshire University

Yvonne is on a mission to develop a disruptive learning model that drives down the cost of degree attainment while increasing the value of the experience and resulting portfolios both to our graduates and our employer partners.

Guest Speaker

Kathe Kacheroski
AVP, Competency-Based Education and SNHU|accel
Southern New Hampshire University

Kathe is responsible for strategy, implementation, and operations of accelerated learning and competency-based models within the College of Online and Continuing Education.

Commentary by...

Sasha Thackaberry
AVP, Academic Technology and Course Development
Southern New Hampshire University

Sasha's focus areas include next generation learning models like Competency-Based Education, MOOCs, digital badging, alternative credentialing, PLA and the development of integrated ecosystems to support innovative learning environments.

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