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2017 Candidate Roster
Vice President and Directors at Large

Voting runs August 4th -- August 18th.
Ballots emailed on August 4th . Didn't get your ballot? Contact us at

Candidates for Vice President (Executive Committee)

Candidates for Directors at Large (Board of Directors)

2017 Candidates for Vice President

Name: Amy Johnson
Director of Quality Enhancement Plan
Organization: East Tennessee State University
Candidate for:
 Vice President


Participation with ACHE:

My service to ACHE began at the regional level. It was a great joy to serve the ACHE South Region in a number of roles. I was elected to Regional Secretary in 2010 and I have served in subsequent years as Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past Chair of the region. During my tenure on the executive committee in ACHE South, we successfully changed the by-laws of the region in order to expand the executive committee by adding two director at-large positions. This change allowed members in the region additional paths to leadership and gave the organization more opportunities to foster growth among its members. I’m still active in the region and recently coordinated a popular and successful leadership track for the 2017 ACHE South conference.

I have extensive experience with the national organization as well. I’ve had the pleasure of serving on six national conference planning committees and I’ve served as Lead Day Chair for the conferences in Orlando, Austin, and Las Vegas. In 2016, I served as co-chair of the conference planning team for the meeting in New Orleans, LA and conference evaluations for that meeting revealed high levels of attendee satisfaction. During that conference, we also started a new tradition of service to benefit the meeting’s host city. Conference attendees donated several large boxes of school supplies to New Orleans Kids Partnership, an organization devoted to expanding access to services for children and their families. Serving on conference planning teams reveals one of the core values of ACHE: collaboration. I feel honored to work closely with adult and continuing education professionals across the country.

I was elected to the association’s Board of Directors in 2015 and I’m currently serving as a chair of the Research Committee. The research committee is responsible for surveys of the membership as well as evaluation of Association activities. The research committee also reviews proposals and makes selections for the Alex Charters Research Grant. Further, this year the research committee created an infographic that highlights some of the aspects of the association’s institutional members. Coordinating this project helped me learn more about the association and students our member institutions serve.

Position Statement: 

I have also been able to advocate for adult students in the state of Tennessee and on my campus. I have been an active member of the Tennessee Alliance for Continuing Higher Education. I also worked in the School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach at East Tennessee State University for 11 years, growing in my work there from coordinator of undergraduate degree programs to assistant dean. Additionally, much of my scholarship has been in the field of continuing education. My dissertation focused on the goals and objectives of adult degree completion students and my findings were published in the Research in Higher Education Journal and I have a forthcoming collaborative publication concerning adult students and ePortfolios that will be published later this year in the International Journal of ePortfolio.

My goals for ache include:

1) Continuing to provide strong professional development programs for emerging continuing higher education leaders,

2) Recruiting more faculty members to the organization who can help build connections between student experiences in the classroom and administrative and student support services, and

3) Establishing a set of guiding principles for best practices in adult education programming that members and institution could use to evaluate and improve their programs.

ACHE has taught me a great deal about the value of service and leadership. I would honored to continue to serve ACHE in an executive role. 

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Name: Lisa Braverman
Title: Dean, Assistant Professor
Organization: Faileigh Dickinson University
 Notheast Metropolitan
Candidate for:
 Vice President 


Participation with ACHE:

I am delighted to have been nominated for Vice President of the Association for Continuing Higher Education.  I have spent many years vitally involved with ACHE and would at this stage of my career be enthusiastically interested in devoting my considerable experience, training and expertise to this very important organization.

I possess over thirty years of progressively responsible experience in continuing and professional studies, including international, online and corporate education at universities in the NY metropolitan region and also online.   I currently serve as Dean of the Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University. My complete bio is attached.

I first became a member of ACHE in 1999, when I was recruited to be Vice Chair of Region II, formerly known as the NY/NJ region.  I thoroughly enjoyed the activity and the vision of the Association at that time, and succeeded to Chair in 2000.  During my tenure, I was able to incorporate geographical areas such as Suffolk County, LI, that were not part of the Region previously, and to create more interest and unity in the region than had been the case prior. I came to know other regional chairs and leaders, and took great deal of pride and satisfaction in serving ACHE as a Director.  I also served as Chair of the International CHE Network, were I enjoyed recruiting new international members and promoting the Association abroad.

Elected to be a member of the Board from 2001-2002, I participated avidly in representing the interests of my region while acquiring a more in depth understanding of the Association’s leadership, national footprint and strategic vision.  I very much enjoyed learning about the drivers of the organization and participating in the key decision-making that guided the overall direction of the Association.   I very much enjoyed the grass roots and member centered philosophy of ACHE, in contrast to the other larger CE organizations that did not appear as member-focused.  I always found ACHE to be incredibly welcoming, interested in my growth and development as a continuing educator and filled with friendly, collegial professionals who were sincerely involved in working together collaboratively to improve this profession and the members’ professional development.  I keenly remember the many friends and colleagues with whom I developed lasting relationships as a nominee for Vice President currently.

I originally wanted to apply for the Vice Presidency in 2002, but had recently had a baby at the time, and as a result had increasing responsibilities at home that made it challenging to devote the same amount of time to organizational roles as I had previously.  Nonetheless, I did remain an active member and contributed by making presentations at ACHE annual and regional conferences over the years as much as possible.  Now that my son is older, I can again take on greater roles and responsibilities at ACHE. 

Position Statement:

My thoughts about the organization and how I would like to contribute have to do essentially with serving members as much as possible and as cost effectively as possible.  I believe that there is more that member organizations can be doing to fortify their relationship with their members and to seek higher levels of excellence in serving their members’ needs. 

In addition, I believe that specifically Continuing Education as a career area is not always seen as essential to the academy, and as such, it is important that the field be appropriately recognized with professional credentials available for practitioners.

As the next ACHE Vice President, I would energetically seek ways to serve members needs for professional development, growth and career success.  We often listen at annual and regional conferences to many sessions that discuss ideological and practical aspects of our field, but there are very few that guide up and coming continuing educators as to how to manage and drive a successful CE career.

In addition, I was very gratified to see the Leadership Institute that ACHE has created.  It is essential that we appropriately train new CE leaders about the challenges and opportunities that our field poses, and I would certainly be pleased to contribute and provide my expertise in helping to develop this critical area.

Finally, it would be a part of my strategy to try to reach more continuing educators and bring them into the organization.  I would look for ways to spread the word and promote ACHE, and to redouble our efforts to raising the perception of the organization as a viable and equivalent option to other CE known organizations through personalized service excellence to our members, access to ongoing professional development throughout the year, and to opportunities for professional leadership within ACHE.  I do believe that creating credentials for our own profession, just as we do for scores of others, is a viable option that deserves strong consideration as we support and guide new CE professionals by providing a solid foundation for this critical profession and for the practitioners in it.  These are just some of the new ideas I would bring to our Association as its next Vice President.            

I sincerely hope that I have been able to convey my deep dedication, energy and vision for our field and for ACHE.

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2017 Candidates for Director at Large (Board of Directors)

Name: Amy Jordan
Title: Director of Special Projects
Organization: Loyola University Chicago
Region: Great Lakes
Candidate for: Director at Large (Board of Directors)


Participation with ACHE: 

  •  2010 Albuquerque/Co-presenter: Education 2010: The Emerging Classroom and Learning Society’s Needs  (UAFS)
  •   2013 Lexington/Presenter:  Integrating Social Entrepreneurship into Higher Education Curricula (UAFS)
  • 2014 Las Vegas/Attendee  (LUC)
  •  2015 St. Louis/ Co-Presenter: Student Persistence as a Three-Tiered Approach (LUC)
  •  2015: ACHE Committees: Member: Annual Conference Planning Committee, Co- Chair: Fun- Raising, Proposals and Program Committee        
  • 2016: New Orleans/ Co-Presenter: Insuring Instructional Quality: The SCPS Faculty System
  •   2016: ACHE Committees: Member: Annual Conference Planning Committee, Co- Chair: Fun- Raising, Proposals and Program Committee, Membership Committee, Day Chair/NOLA Conference
  • 2017 ACHE Committees: Member: Annual Conference Planning Committee, Co-Chair, Scholarship Campaign (will be a presenter at 2017 Annual Conference)

Position Statement:

My reasons for serving as an officer of this great association are based on advocacy and support:

  •   Advocate for the adult learner in improving access to colleges and universities
  • Advocate for our great profession by expanding our impact and presence in the higher education aren  Advocate and support the sharing of new knowledge and best practices for all of us who are committed to lifelong learning
  • Support and elevate a network of dedicated and knowledgeable members who will nurture and sustain the mission of ACHE
  •   Grow the ACHE membership, with target focus on emerging leaders within our organization

Strategic Initiatives for ACHE

As ACHE leans into its 81th year, I would like to contribute to its ongoing successes by focusing on:

  • Membership sustainability and nurturing rising stars within our over 300 institutions
  • The Emerging Leadership Institute as the premier mentorship program for leaders in continuing education and as an ACHE signature contribution to our profession
  • Annual Conference programming- internationalizing our perspectives by inviting leaders of other educational systems to share their approaches to continuing education   
  •  Annual Conference programming- continue to promote networking by adding further opportunities for shared time and ideas and broader participation from all membership 
  • Strengthen the role of our central ACHE Office and Executive Director with their guidance and identified needs
  • Support and promote the ACHE Executive Board collective vision and leadership  

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Name: Eloy Chavez
Title: Assistant Dean
Organization: Northeastern State University
Region: Great Plains
Candidate for: Director at Large (Board of Directors)


Participation with ACHE:

My experience in Higher Education has been a fulfillment of vast experiences and journeys as a program coordinator, director, dean and professor.  I have experience in working at private and public, two year and four year institutions in making a difference with student lives and their career paths. 

On occasion some ask how much I make? My response is that “I make a difference!”  That difference in that I want to continue as a leader within ACHE to make a difference.  I enjoy exploring new ideas and then seeing the idea come to action and implementation status.  I believe that ACHE has made a difference in my professional career when I started attending our Regional meetings.  Topics explored and member collaborated in the exchange of intellectual discussion. I have had the honor in being a secretary and now a chair elect of my Region.  

Position Statement:

My position is to seek additional paths in reaching the adult learner by providing academic opportunities, engagement and completion of a degree or certification toward building a family sustaining career.  In furthering this position is the engagement and collaboration of colleagues through professional association such as ACHE.  ACHE mirrors my position and provides new and updated information on trends, issues and more important best practices to enhance my Universities mission in providing quality education in a caring on-ground or on-line academic environment. 

Strategic initiative would be to have an agenda to serve the workforce in many ways.  The un-employed, under-employed and career seekers.  The Adult Learner workforce community is growing every day and as an Association of higher learning we need to build conversation, and provide information to better the Adult Learner needs of the Workforce. 

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Name: Marc Wilson
Title: Director of Accreditation & Program Review
Organization: Southern New Hampshire University
Region: New England
Candidate for: Director at Large (Board of Directors)


Participation with ACHE: 

I have been an educator for over 30 years, serving in a variety of roles including professor, department chair, and academic dean. Currently I am an Executive Director at the College of Online and Continuing Education at Southern New Hampshire University where I previously worked as the Director of Accreditation and Assistant Dean.

I have been an ACHE member since 2008. I served as Chair of the New England Region in 2010-11 and have remained an active in regional leadership, stepping in to fill the vacated chair position in 2015-16. I have been involved in the planning of many of our regional conferences, including a panel discussion that was presented both in-person and as a webcast entitled “The Many Faces of Competency-Based Education”  I have also presented at many of the ACHE regional and national conferences. I was the Proceedings editor for the 2015 and 2016 meetings and volunteered again for this year’s conference. I actively promote participation in ACHE at my own institution.

Position Statement:

The mission of ACHE is one that is perfectly consistent with my own professional mission as my career has very largely focused on “promoting lifelong learning and excellence in continuing higher education.” I believe that ACHE is uniquely positioned to help advance to goals and ideals of continuing higher education in the service of adult students. As a national, but comparatively small organization, we excel at providing opportunities and resources for Higher Ed professionals. Our strength as an association lays in our ability to create productive and supportive relationships among our members. I think that a significant challenge however is the need to “modernize” in order to better meet the needs of the target membership in the upcoming decades. The focus in recent years on engaging and mentoring young professionals is an important part of our revitalization effort. The Emerging Leaders Institute has great potential and should be supported and enhanced. Also, I am thrilled to see that a strategic planning process will be launched at this year’s annual meeting. I have been participated in the development of numerous strategic plans and look forward to contributing to this important initiative with ACHE. 

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